California’s Best-Selling Flower

Pacific Stone

We are a family-owned and operated legacy grower of clean, consistent, and affordable California greenhouse cannabis. We are proud to be a part of the California cannabis community and to share our products with our loyal customers. We are grateful for your support and for helping us to preserve and defend the legacy of California cannabis. We hope that our products bring you joy, relaxation, and contentment.

Sustainable greenhouse grow uses natural energy from the sun.

Our Products

We aim to be the industry’s finest by offering you premium products for cutting-edge experiences you can afford and consistently rely on.

Two Slims pre-roll 20-pack tins

Slims Pre-Rolls (20 count)

Our Pacific Stone Slims are the perfect way to enjoy your favorite strains, no matter where you are. We craft each Slim with 100% California greenhouse flower, ensuring a high-quality product every time. Starting at $40ea.

Three blunt pouch renderings product hero

Blunt Pouch (2 count)

Unwind with our premium blunts and enjoy the simple pleasures of artisanal craft with high quality greenhouse whole flower. A smoking experience you won’t want to forget. Starting at $30ea.

Pre-roll family shot 2-packs and 14-packs

Pre-Rolls (2 count and 14 count)

Our premium flower carefully hand-packed into pre-rolls at a prices surpassed by no one else in the industry. Choose between a 14-pack to share with friends or a versatile on-the-go 2-pack. Starting at $8ea for our 2-pack tube or $40ea for our 14-pack.

Three Infused pre-roll 7-packs in three phenotypes

Diamond Infused Pre-Rolls packs (7 Count)

THCa Diamonds derived from our premium greenhouse flower you know and love individually hand-rolled and thoroughly mixed with the flower for an incredibly potent product. Starting at $45ea.

Three flower pouches in three phenotypes

Flower (3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g)

Premium flower that’s greenhouse grown at prices you can’t ignore. Find products and strains at a dispensary near you. Available in 1/8ths, 1/4ths, 1/2 oz and 1 oz. Starting at $20ea (1/8th).

Three Roll Your Own Sugar Shake pouches in three phenotypes.

Roll Your Own Sugar Shake (14g)

Custom-tailor and create your own joints and experience using the highest quality greenhouse premium flower and papers available on the market. Starting at $30ea.

All prices are MSRP (suggested retail price before taxes).

Where to Buy

Grown Locally in Santa Barbara, CA

Take a quick fly-over of the farm to see our operation that is managed and owned by
sixth-generation Dutch greenhouse growers.

The Pacific Stone greenhouse grow.

Best-in-class farming practices

Quality, Consistency and Value

Under $5 per Gram

In the last 6 months grown to be #1 Blunt Brand

Cannabis Flower Sold (G)

Individual Pre-rolls sold

Dispensary Locations

5-Star Reviews

Best-Selling Brand & Top-Flower Awards

About Leaflink

LeafLink sets the standard for cannabis retailers, brands, and distributors, aiming to streamline ordering and communications throughout the entire process. Impressively, Pacific Stone has held the award for the best-selling brand from 2019 to 2022.

Leaflink Best-Selling Brand 2019 award plaque
Leaflink Best-Selling Brand 2020 award plaque
Leaflink Best-Selling Brand 2021 award plaque
Leaflink Best-Selling Brand 2022 award plaque

About Weedmaps

Connecting cannabis consumers, patients, retailers, doctors, and brands since 2008, the Weedmaps community fosters business solutions, social reform, and equal access. Notably, Pacific Stone has held the Best of Weedmaps award since 2020.

Weedmaps Best-of-Weedmaps 2020 award plaque
Weedmaps Best-of-Weedmaps 2021 award plaque
Weedmaps Best-of-Weedmaps 2022 award plaque
Weedmaps Best-of-Weedmaps 2023 award plaque

About Headset

Headset List leverages unparalleled market intelligence to spotlight businesses revolutionizing the cannabis industry with exceptional quality and growth. Since 2021, Pacific Stone has been celebrated for its best-selling flower and pre-roll.

Headset Best-Selling Flower 2021 award plaque
Headset Best-Selling Pre-Rolls 2021 award plaque
Headset Best-Selling Flower 2022 award plaque
Headset Best-Selling Pre-Rolls 2022 award plaque
Headset Best-Selling Flower 2023 award plaque
Headset Best-Selling Pre-Rolls 2023 award plaque

About Treez

Treez List drives the global growth of the cannabis industry with cutting-edge technology and insights, honoring businesses that excel in quality and expansion. Since 2020, Pacific Stone has consistently won the award for best-selling brand.

Treez Best-Selling Brand 2020 award plaque
Treez Best-Selling Brand 2021 award plaque
Treez Best-Selling Brand 2022 award plaque

“For over a year straight, Pacific Stone has occupied 6 out of 10 of the best selling products on Weedmaps including our Cake and Glue Strains.”
– Pacific Stone Sales Team

Actual reviews From Our Customers

You’ve most likely heard the stories but just in case you haven’t… here are a few highlights from customers just like you. 

In Humboldt. I don’t usually buy from shops because they are a rip off compared to local prices, but lately I’ve had to… I tried a few of the Pacific Stone line. This is the best one currently, imo. Nice nose, OG-esque, followed by a nice taste. Was very pleased with the buzz and how long the eighth lasted. Will be buying again.”


Weedmaps, Flower

“Good nose; burns well; smoothe, not harsh; does the job; The packaging is great; self-sealing tobacco pouch; mirror-like reflection for rolling, includes a pack of rolling papers and the cones too! Pacific Stone is doing it with vision and purpose; Thinking outside the box. Keep it up.


Weedmaps, RYO Sugar Shake

“Love the design. Love the flavor even more. I’ve had this pen for a few weeks now and have been able to field-test enough to give it an honest review. The vape pen has a really nice feel to it. The texture is easy to grip, but not so “grippy” that it gets stuck when you try to insert or pull it out your pocket. The length is appropriate and not so bulky as to make it inconvenient. The design is stylish and I love what Pac Stone did with the accent marks for each pen. When you’re running out of the house, they’re easy to identify for quick grab and go decision making. In a crowd, it’s been getting compliments consistently and has been a good conversation starter. The smoking experience is very pleasant and the flavor is probably the best I’ve had on the market. I can tell this company sources quality strains versus some of the other garbage I’ve seen. Given the design, features, price, and how much you get… the only suitable rating this product deserves is 5-Stars. I’ll for sure be buying this one again.


Weedmaps, Vape Pens