100% greenhouse cannabis

Premium Flower

One hundred percent Premium California Cannabis that comes in four different sized pouches: 1/8th (3.5G), 1/4th (7G), 1/2 ounce (14G), and 1 ounce (28G). A smile and consistent smoking experience in every bowl of Pacific Stone’s Premium California Flower.

100% Greenhouse Flower

The Dutch coastal greenhouses provide a consistent and controlled environment for our flower to thrive.

Single Source Premium Flower

Our PacStone team grows and cures to bring you farm-direct California cannabis at an affordable price.

California's Best Selling Flower

We’ve been 6 of Weedmaps’ Top 10 selling products in California for 2020 and 2021.


The highest quality greenhouse Pacific Stone flower produced and declared by our quality growers, now in one-eighth (3.5g) glass jars to preserve flower structure, deliver embracing aromas, robust flavors, and provide a consistent experience. Our team of cultivators select only a small amount of the highest quality premium flower for this distinguished High-End Collection. High-End 3.5G flower jars start at $25.

All prices are MSRP (suggested retail price before taxes).

Limited Harvest (1/8ths)

Our team of cultivators selectively choose seasonal harvests that represent Pacific Stone’s greenhouse flower. Pacific Stone limited harvest 3.5G (1/8th) flower pouches start at $20.

All prices are MSRP (suggested retail price before taxes).

Pacstone staples

Award-winning and top-selling true California greenhouse flower available in 1/8ths (3.5G), 1/4ths (7G), 1/2 ounce (14G), and 1 ounce (28G). Pacific Stone 3.5G (1/8th) flower pouches start at $20. 7G (1/4th) start at $36. 14G (1/2oz) start at $64. 28G (1oz) start at $130.

All prices are MSRP (suggested retail price before taxes).

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Actual reviews From Our Customers

You’ve most likely heard the stories but just in case you haven’t… here are a few highlights from customers just like you. 

Fun and happyyy!! Can’t stop dancing and singing and smiling after one hit. Would be amazing before a workout or something active. So good please buy.


Weedmaps, Flower

“Smackksss! Pacific Stone is always my go to flower brand. every now & then i’ll buy the $80 eighths but honestly the difference is small. the high is identical. but this bud is amazing for the price. it tastes like citrus & u can def taste the herbal flavor. there’s always all buds & zero to no stems at all. i highly recommend this brand & strain as it’s a super potent indica & im an indica lover ?  you have a customer for lifeee!!!


Weedmaps, Flower

“Nobody buy this it’s terrible just leave it on the shelf for me I’ll handle it. But for real this is stupid good bud for a stupid low price.


Weedmaps, Flower


Amazing quality of premium cannabis for a low price. Across all strains that were sampled the nose was highly aromatic, the bud-sizes were large, and yielded a very pleasant experience. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to give this brand a try. Cannabis and Flower
5 / 5