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Strawberry Cough Strain: A Comprehensive Guide to its Genetics, Effects, THC Content, and More

Strawberry Cough is an intriguing strain that boasts a unique origin story. Today, it’s become a fan favorite throughout the United States and beyond. Let’s take a look at Strawberry Cough’s genetics, effects, THC levels, and more.

Written By: The Pacific Stone Editorial Team
Date Published: January 3, 2024

Strawberry Cough Strain

Strawberry Cough, Photographed from the Pacific Stone Grow.

Strawberry Cough Strain Origins

Strawberry Cough has roots in the northeastern United States, as former High Times cultivation editor Kyle Kushman was the first to sell the strain after discovering it in a home grower’s basement. Kushman is a well-known name in cannabis and is responsible for developing Joey’s Strain and Cherry Lopez.

Kushman received a clone of Strawberry Cough from the home grower and was attracted to its distinct fresh strawberry aroma. He then began selling it around New York.

After moving to California to grow legal cannabis, Kushman brought the strain to the West Coast. In 2013, it won the Best Flower at the Cannabis Cup.

Strawberry Cough Strain Information

Strawberry Cough is a mix between Strawberry Fields and an unknown Haze strain. It’s about 80% Sativa and 20% Indica, making it a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain. The Strawberry Fields strain is clouded in mystery, as little is known about its origins. Rumor has it that a farmer in Vermont grew the strain in their strawberry patch, which is where some of the flavor and aromas come from. The other parent strain – a Haze strain – also provides strong Sativa effects. 

Together, the Strawberry Cough strain produces mostly uplifting, energetic Sativa effects.

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Strawberry Cough nug, Photographed from the Pacific Stone Grow.

Strawberry Cough Strain Effects

Generally, different cannabis strains can affect users differently. Therefore, it’s a good idea to understand the differences between strains in order to choose the best one for your needs. The Strawberry Cough strain often provides users with a cerebral and uplifting high. 

Some users also report feeling more social with decreased social anxiety when using this strain. Therefore, it can be a good option for those going out with friends, collaborating on a creative project, or just wanting to enjoy the moment with others. Because it’s mostly Sativa, it’s great for all-day use. Here are a few of the benefits of the Strawberry Cough strain:

Increased Socialization

Because of its strong Sativa effects, Strawberry Cough can increase users’ enjoyment in social interactions. Users report that it can help combat feelings of social anxiety while also making them feel more giddy and talkative.

Uplifted Mood

The Strawberry Cough strain can also produce euphoric and uplifting effects thanks to its Sativa parents. Users say they are happier and enjoy pursuing their favorite activities while enjoying this strain.

Energetic High

Strawberry Cough can also invigorate users and provide energy and focus. Whether this uplifting energy is spent checking things off the to-do list or tackling a creative project, many users report great focus and energy with Strawberry Cough.

Since cannabis effects can vary from person to person, you may not experience these effects. A cannabis strain’s effects can vary widely depending on consumption method, amount, and tolerance level.

Strawberry Cough Typical Usage

While Strawberry Cough is an excellent strain for socializing because it puts users in a more socializing state, it can also be great for checking things off your to-do list. So whether you want to enjoy your favorite activities, have a great night out with friends, or get things done, Strawberry Cough is a great option.

Strawberry Cough Flavors and Aromas

Strawberry flavor icon
Sweet flavor
Berry flavor

Strawberry Cough has a sweet and fresh aroma of ripe, sweet strawberries at the onset, followed by earthy, peppery, and skunky notes on the nose. The overwhelming aroma is definitely that of strawberry, and many believe that this comes from the growing of its Strawberry Fields parent strain in a strawberry patch.

Much like the scent, the taste of Strawberry Cough is dominated by berry flavors that end with a touch of skunky, peppery notes. While it may cause some users to cough, there are other users who find it to be a smooth smoke.


Strawberry Cough cola, Photographed from the Pacific Stone Grow.

What Does the Strawberry Cough Strain Look Like?

The buds from a Strawberry Cough plant have a strawberry-like shape with strawberry-red hairs and dense, glistening trichomes. Although they may be smaller in size, they are dense and potent.

What is Strawberry Cough’s THC level?

THC levels can impact cannabis consumption amounts and your overall experience. The higher the THC level, the more potent your experience may be. 

At Pacific Stone, our version of this strain – we call it Starberry Cough – has a THC level between 25-29%. It also contains a fraction of the CBD – with up to 0.5%. Users trying Strawberry Cough for the first time should always start slowly to ensure a pleasant experience.

Strawberry Cough Terpenes

The terpene profile of any strain plays a vital role in not only the cannabis strain’s aromas and flavors but also the user’s experience. Depending on the terpene makeup, different users can expect different effects. The dominant terpene in Strawberry Cough is pinene, sometimes known as alpha-pinene.

Pinene Terpene

Pinene is an earthy terpene and has an aroma similar to pine needles. You’ll find pinene in other plants, including rosemary, basil, pine needles, conifer trees, and more. Research is currently underway to learn more about pinene’s effects and benefits. Researchers are investigating its anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, pain relief, and bronchodilation properties.

Myrcene Terpene

You’ll also find myrcene in Strawberry Cough. Myrcene is one of the most common cannabis terpenes, and it’s also in hops, lemongrass, bay leaves, and mango. While many utilize myrcene for its sedative qualities, research is still underway to investigate its ability to relieve pain and inflammation.

caryophyllene terpene icon

Caryophyllene can also be found in the Strawberry Cough strain. It produces earthy, spicy, and floral aromas. It is found in a variety of herbs and spices, including basil, black pepper, and oregano. Currently, researchers are examining its anti-inflammatory and chronic pain-relief effects.

Humulene terpene

In addition, you’ll also typically find smaller amounts of humulene, limonene, linalool, and terpinolene in Strawberry Cough.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Strawberry Cough an indica or sativa?

Strawberry Cough is a Sativa-dominant strain that produces Sativa-leaning effects. From euphoria to energy and creativity, this is an energizing cannabis strain. However, it’s important to note that as cannabis cultivation practices have improved, so have cannabis products. The prevalence of cross-breeding means there are no longer purely indica or purely sativa strains.

Can Strawberry Cough make you sleepy?

While most people do not report feelings of sleepiness with the Strawberry Cough strain, it is possible that some users experience some level of sleepiness while others do not. Because each strain can have a different effect on the individual user, it’s essential to see how your body reacts to a particular strain.

Does Strawberry Cough give you munchies?

Strawberry Cough can increase some users’ appetite, while others may not experience the same effect. 

What strain is Strawberry Cough?

Strawberry Cough traces its roots back to the Northeast. Kyle Kushman was given a Strawberry Cough clone from a home grower and then began to grow it himself. It’s a crossbreed of Strawberry Fields and Haze, which produces a Sativa-dominant high.

What flavor and aroma does Strawberry Cough have?

Strawberry Cough has a sweet strawberry scent on the nose, followed by a subtle earthiness and skunkiness with pepper notes. The taste follows the smell, with a sweet, fresh-cut strawberry taste and peppery and earthy notes.

What is Strawberry Cough good for?

Strawberry Cough produces a head-oriented, focused, and energetic high. Many users choose Strawberry Cough to socialize with friends, for boundless creative energy, to relax at home, or to check off tasks from their to-do lists. Strawberry Cough is also a great daytime strain.

Does the Strawberry Cough strain make you cough?

Some users report coughing with the Strawberry Cough strain. However, everyone’s biochemistry and consumption methods can differ, so individual experiences may vary.

How much does Strawberry Cough cost?

Strawberry Cough costs can vary based on producer and cannabis product type. At Pacific Stone, we’re producing our own spin – Starberry Cough – for an affordable price.

What are some strains related to Strawberry Cough?

For those looking to try a strain similar to Strawberry Cough, give Blue Dream a try. Blue Dream is another Sativa-dominant strain, just like Strawberry Cough. For more information on Blue Dream, click here.

Should I smoke Strawberry Cough if I’m new to cannabis?

Each person will have a different experience with new cannabis strains due to personal tolerances, biochemistry, consumption methods, dose, and more. Those who are new to cannabis or new to the Strawberry Cough strain should start by smoking a small amount until they feel the effects.

Does Strawberry Cough make you laugh?

Strawberry Cough is an excellent strain for socializing and can provide some euphoric effects, leading to a boosted mood and less stress. Many users say they get giggly and enjoy conversations more while using Strawberry Cough while lowering their social anxiety.

Is Strawberry Cough good for focus?

Yes, Strawberry Cough can provide a mental boost. In fact, some say it’s the perfect strain for accomplishing an extensive task list – whether that’s around the house or in a creative environment.

What terpenes are in Strawberry Cough?

Strawberry Cough contains a robust terpene profile. The most prominent terpenes include pinene, myrcene, and caryophyllene. These terpenes play an essential role in the flavors and aromas of the product while also providing some possible benefits.

Do you sell Strawberry Cough?

Yes, we offer our own take on the Strawberry Cough strain – Starberry Cough. Its sweet and fruity scent delights your senses while providing a productive high.

Is Strawberry Cough good for medical marijuana patients?

Strawberry Cough can be a good choice for medical marijuana patients, as users report it’s helpful to combat mood disorders, including feelings of elevated stress and depression. For more information on medical marijuana, click here.

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