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At Pacific Stone, we believe in producing great cannabis for a great price – even on the go. That’s why our Pacific Stone Slims are the perfect way to enjoy your favorite strains, no matter where you are. We craft each Slim with 100% California greenhouse flower, ensuring a high-quality product every time.

Written By: The Pacific Stone Editorial Team
Date Published: October 13, 2023

Slims pre-rolls fit inside your pocket.

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Inside a 20-pack Slims pre-roll tin.


Slim pre-rolls are the perfect choice for those on the move. From hanging with friends to taking in a concert, slim pre-rolls help you elevate any experience.

Premium Flower

Some pre-rolls use shake or trim, which give you a lower-quality smoke. But that’s not what you’ll get from Pacific Stone Slims.

We utilize premium, 100% California greenhouse flower in every single Slims pre-roll. By using only higher-quality flower, we produce a more flavorful, smoother smoke.

Carefully Packed

Each Slims pre-roll is packed to our highest standards. We thoroughly pack and weigh every single pre-roll to ensure a consistent experience for you. Our .35g pack size is perfect for a single-use smoking experience.

Open again and again

The custom Slims pre-roll tin has a smooth, spring-loaded, double-sided button.

A smooth Smoke

With an eco-friendly hemp paper filter tip and less paper, our Slims produce a cooler burn, meaning a smoother smoke. With less paper, you’ll get more green in every puff.

Opening Slims preroll tin.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big is a Slims pre-roll?

Slims are the perfect size, with each pre-roll filled with .35g of flower. This is an ideal size for enjoying your experience no matter where you are. Each tin contains 20 pre-rolls, for 7 grams in each case.

Are pre-rolled Slims different from pre-rolled cones?

Yes, Slim pre-rolls are different from our standard pre-rolls. While our pre-roll cones are filled with .5g flower per pre-roll and are a more traditional shape, Slims are straight and contain 0.35g. Pacific Stone Slims come in a pocket-sized tin, with 20 Slims per tin. Our twisted-off pre-roll cones come in a variety of package sizes.

How long will a Slim pre-rolled joint last?

Because each person smokes differently, it’s difficult to say how long a pre-rolled joint will take to smoke. However, the Slim’s smaller size makes it an appealing option when you want to consume on the go.

How does the smaller size affect the flavor?

Because of their size, Slims can provide a more vibrant flavor expression, meaning you’ll get a smooth, flavorful experience with every inhale.

Enjoy Slim Pre-Rolls from Pacific Stone

Pacific Stone offers pre-rolls in Indica, Hybrid, and Sativa strains, including Blue Dream, Starberry Cough, 805 Glue, Kush Mints, GMO S1, and Wedding Cake. Ready to enjoy high-quality pre-roll slims? Shop our selection now!

Cultivator doing plant quality checks.

About Pacific Stone

Pacific Stone was founded in 2015 with the goal of growing clean, consistent, and affordable cannabis for California. Founded by friends and family from the 805, Pacific Stone is a labor of love. We are intently focused on delivering high-quality marijuana at an affordable price.

As multi-generational Dutch greenhouse growers, we utilize our long history of growing to bring you farm-direct cannabis at the best price all year long. We take pride in ensuring customer satisfaction, and our flower has been consistently recognized as some of the highest quality and top-selling throughout the state of California.

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