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Blue Dream Strain: A Complete Guide to its Origins, Effects, and Benefits

Blue Dream (also known as Azure Haze) is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain, and it’s one of the most common marijuana strains. In this article, we’ll look at the history of this popular strain, its effects, and reported benefits.

Written By: The Pacific Stone Editorial Team
Date Published: October 13, 2023

Blue Dream strain plant in the vegetation stage.

Blue Dream, Photographed from the Pacific Stone Grow.

The Origins of the Blue Dream Strain

The Blue Dream weed strain first appeared as a medical marijuana strain in the Santa Cruz area around 2003. While no one can trace the exact origins, it quickly gained popularity for its balanced high, and many believe it’s a great introductory strain for first-time users.

Over time, the allure of this strain caught the attention of not only Northern California medical cannabis patients but also other users throughout the West Coast and Canada.

Due to its robust growth, heavy yields, and ability to be grown indoors or in outdoor environments, Blue Dream quickly became a favorite of many growers, and its popularity spread throughout North America.

Today, it’s one of the most common and well-known strains available on the market. For over two decades, Blue Dream has been loved by the cannabis community, from medical cannabis patients to veteran cannabis consumers and newbies alike.

Blue Dream Strain Information

While its original cultivator is unknown, the Blue Dream weed strain is a potent cross of DJ Short Blueberry and Super Silver Haze strains. Santa Cruz Haze and Blueberry strains have been around since the 1970s, but it wasn’t until 2003 that a cultivator combined them to produce Blue Dream.

When producing a hybrid strain, a male plant of one strain pollinates the female plant of another strain. After pollination, the female produces the hybrid cannabis seeds. In this case, the cross between Haze and Blueberry produced Blue Dream seeds. The Blue Dream seeds retain some traits of each of the Blueberry and Haze strains.

Blueberry is an Indica strain that boasts a calming, relaxing, and euphoric high. On the other hand, Haze is an energetic Sativa strain that produces uplifting, creative effects. The cross of these two strains has potent, well-balanced effects.

Blue Dream nug

Blue Dream nug, Photographed from the Pacific Stone Grow.

Blue Dream Strain Effects

Knowing the effects of a cannabis strain is crucial for deciding when and how to use it. For Blue Dream weed strain users, you’ll get the upward momentum of a Sativa at the onset. Users often report feeling a happy, creative, uplifting cerebral high with a heightened focus to start their experience.

Then, the Indica side kicks in, producing a mellow high. From grabbing a paintbrush and starting a work of art to knocking out a to-do list, Blue Dream provides balanced, uplifting effects perfect for focusing your creative energy or socializing.

Clear-Headed High

Blue Dream can induce calm for users while providing mental clarity. Many report a relaxing yet focused cerebral high. Because of this, Blue Dream can be a good option for stress or anxiety relief.

Clear-headedness can also lend itself to increased creativity, which can be helpful for artists or others seeking inspiration. Many Blue Dream users say they get waves of creative energy. This clear headiness can then give way to a mellow body high.

Physical Relaxation

Thanks to the Indica properties of the Blue Dream strain, users often feel a gentle body high that can help them relax and feel calm. During your Blue Dream experience, you may feel more mellow and less tension throughout your entire body. Many users report that Blue Dream helps them with muscle aches and pains while not feeling stuck on the couch.

Mood Enhancement

Blue Dream can also help uplift a user’s mood as a balanced, Sativa-dominant hybrid strain. Its terpene makeup makes it an excellent strain for those looking for a mood booster. By heightening your mood, Blue Dream can be a perfect strain for social occasions, when you need inspiration, or simply unwinding after a long day.

As always, these strain effects can vary from person to person. These effects can also change based on a user’s tolerance, consumption amount, and consumption method.

Blue Dream Typical Usage

One of the reasons that Blue Dream marijuana is an ideal strain is that it is a very versatile smoke. That means it’s perfect for any time of day. Start the day with Blue Dream for an energizing and uplifting high, or use it to harness your creative inspiration in the afternoon. The uplifting high of Blue Dream marijuana can keep you cruising at a perfect altitude.

Its subtle relaxation effects can also be a perfect way to chill after a long workday.

Blue Dream Strain Aromas & Flavors

Sweet flavor
Berry flavor

Many users can tell Blue Dream immediately due to its sweet aroma and flavor. Because of its Blueberry lineage, it has a sweet blueberry aroma that hits you right at the onset.

Like its parent strain, Haze, the Blue Dream strain has a sweet berry aroma but also has faint notes of citrus and even some subtle notes of earthiness, diesel, and hash.

Blueberry flavors are also pervasive upon consumption, with sweet berry flavors and a hint of citrus earthiness surrounding your taste buds. With Blue Dream, you’ll taste blueberry on your tongue long after smoking.

Blue Dream strain cola in the vegetation stage

Blue Dream cola, Photographed from the Pacific Stone Grow.

WHat Does Blue Dream Look Like?

As a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain, Blue Dream plants produce dense, sticky, light green buds with a blue and deep purple hue. Blue Dream also boasts blue hairs on the buds with some occasional purple or amber hairs. Blue Dream buds are often covered in trichomes, so they may appear shiny and glittery.

What’s the THC level of Blue Dream?

THC levels are another critical factor in choosing the right strain for your mood. Typically, the Blue Dream strain is between 20-29%. In addition to THC, CBD is also another crucial component of a cannabis strain. While some strains have high levels of CBD, the Blue Dream strain has very little CBD.

Blue Dream strain growing icy trichomes and bright pistils.

Blue Dream trichomes and pistils, Photographed from the Pacific Stone Grow.

Terpenes in Blue Dream

Terpenes are chemical compounds that give cannabis its aroma and flavor. The terpene makeup of marijuana can determine the flavors you experience when consuming a specific strain. The dominant terpene in Blue Dream is myrcene.

Myrcene terpene

Myrcene gives the Blue Dream variety its blueberry flavor and fruitiness. In fact, myrcene is the most common terpene found in cannabis. You can find myrcene in other plants, such as hops, lemongrass, and thyme. While research is still needed, there is some evidence that it can be beneficial to help relieve pain and inflammation.

Blue Dream can also contain pinene, limonene, caryophyllene, and linalool.

Pinene Terpene

Pinene gives Blue Dream an earthy aroma; you’ll find it in other plants, such as pine needles, rosemary, and basil. The effects of pinene are currently being researched, including its possible anti-inflammatory and pain relief qualities. 

Limonene terpene

When combined with other terpenes, limonene can give Blue Dream a lemony aroma or flavor. Current research focuses on limonene’s possible benefits in treating anxiety, depression, and stress.

Caryophyllene terpene

Caryophyllene is a terpene that can have a variety of aromas, from spicy to floral and earthy. This terpene is present in herbs and spices such as basil, oregano, and black pepper. Currently, researchers are studying its benefits for pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects. 

Linalool terpene

Linalool is a cannabis terpene that can also be found in lavender and basil. It produces a lavender-like scent. Linalool is not as prevalent in many cannabis strains as other terpenes. However, researchers are currently exploring the potential cognitive effects of linalool, such as pain relief and anxiety-reducing effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Blue Dream so popular?

Blue Dream is one of the most popular strains for a whole bunch of reasons. The strain produces a balanced high, and its lineage also makes it one of the most popular varieties, as it’s a cross between two well-loved and potent strains — Blueberry and Haze. Blue Dream is a versatile strain that’s great for cannabis enthusiasts and newbies alike.

Is Blue Dream good for beginners?

Blue Dream is a good strain for beginners because of its uplifting effects and mellow high. The balanced Sativa effects can be a nice introduction for beginner cannabis consumers.

Does Blue Dream make you sleepy?

Blue Dream is a balanced, Sativa strain. While some users report that Blue Dream makes them sleepy, others do not experience the same effects. Because each person’s experience can vary, it’s best to see how you react to a particular strain.

What terpene is in Blue Dream?

There is more than one terpene in the Blue Dream strain. The dominant terpene in Blue Dream is myrcene. Other terpenes in Blue Dream include pinene, limonene, caryophyllene, and linalool.

Is Blue Dream Indica or Sativa?

Blue Dream is a Sativa strain. Producing potent effects like focused head-highs and body relaxation, it’s important to note that as cannabis growing has evolved, so too have the plants. Because of the frequency of cross-breeding over the years, there’s no longer such a thing as a pure indica or pure sativa strain.

Does Blue Dream give you a head high?

The Sativa-dominant Blue Dream can give users balanced effects, including an uplifting head high. The head high can melt into a body high, providing a clear-headed high and physical relaxation. It is a popular strain among artists for its uplifting and creative energy, powering them to take on all kinds of creative projects.

Does Blue Dream strain help with sleep?

Because cannabis affects each person differently, some Blue Dream strain users may experience an uplifting high, while others experience some sleepiness. With all strains, seeing how you react to a particular strain is essential. Many users say that their favorite strain for sleep is Wedding Cake or God’s Breath.

Does Blue Dream Sativa make you anxious?

Users of Blue Dream often report that it does not induce anxiousness. However, as always, this can depend on the individual and the dosage. Always start with a small amount; if you become anxious, remember that the feeling of anxiousness will pass.

When should I smoke Blue Dream?

Because of its balanced nature, the Blue Dream strain is a perfect all-day smoke. Whether you want to pursue creative projects or just enjoy being out in nature, Blue Dream marijuana typically provides a versatile, steady high.

How long does it take for the effects of Blue Dream to kick in?

Like many strains, the time it takes for the Blue Dream strain to kick in depends on several factors – an individual’s biochemistry, tolerance levels, and, most importantly, consumption method. While smoking and vaping usually produce quicker effects in many people, edibles can take up to two hours to kick in.

For some individuals, a specific consumption method may produce more potent highs than other consumption methods. No matter your experience level, starting off slow with any new strain is essential.

How much CBD is in the Blue Dream strain?

The Blue Dream strain is very low in CBD. In many cases, the CBD content is less than 0.1%.

Can medical marijuana patients use Blue Dream?

Yes, Blue Dream is one of the favorite strains among medical marijuana patients because of its mellow sativa effects. In fact, Blue Dream originated in 2003 in the California medical marijuana community.

Some medical cannabis users report relief from muscle spasms, chronic pain, and more. For more information about medical marijuana, check out this article.

What strain is most like Blue Dream?

There are many other strains similar to Blue Dream. If you want a similar experience, try this Sativa-dominant hybrid: Starberry Cough.

What's your process for growing Blue Dream?

While some utilize Blue Dream seeds, we use cuttings from a mother plant to produce our Blue Dream cannabis. This creates a more consistent and cannabinoid-rich cannabis plant. We’re proud of our responsible growing practices. To learn more about our cultivation practices, click here.

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