100% Greenhouse cannabis

Premium SLIMS

The perfect way to enjoy your favorite strains on the go. Our Pacific Stone Slims are carefully crafted with 100% California greenhouse flower ensuring a high-quality product every time. A modern take on a classic, our slims are thinner and smaller, perfect for enjoying our consistent, quality flower, allowing for a vibrant flavor expression, making each smoke unique and enjoyable. Available in our new custom tins, the Slims 20-pack is a great choice for anyone looking for a convenient, high-quality smoking experience.

Easily fits in your pocket

The Slims tin is a great option for easy transport due to its lightweight, and low-profile design

100% Greenhouse Flower

A consistent and high-quality smoking experience, 100% premium flower in every Slim

20-Pack (0.35g each)

The Slim’s smaller size allows for more vibrant flavor expressions, making each smoking experience unique and enjoyable

Available strains

Blue Dream 805 Glue GMO S1
Starberry Cough Kush Mints Wedding Cake

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Actual reviews From Our Customers

You’ve most likely heard the stories but just in case you haven’t… here are a few highlights from customers just like you. 

I’ve used concentrates at least five years and this is by far my favorite disposable concentrate pen. I love everything from the packaging to taste. It’s has everything I’ve ever wanted in a disposable. They come labeled (which is great if you buy multiples like me, which I recommend!). It can be recharged if needed and it has a nice matte texture. If you’ve smoke Pacific Stone flower you’ll love their concentrates. The full spectrum resin has the same fresh taste and smell of the flower. The Wedding Cake is a very chill Indica high. Nothing heady, nice body relaxation. I bought another one two days later!


Weedmaps, All-In-One Vape

Super smooth, awesome high, and the best thing is, very affordable.


Weedmaps, 510 Cartridge

Do you love the beautiful buds Pacific Stone’s been serving up? Then open your wallet and get yourself one of their new vape pens! Try one and you’ll want to try them all. I’m on the hunt for the rest of the indica, sativa, and hybrid varieties ASAP. Pacific Stone’s 805 Glue disposable vape is everything you love about the flower in a smooth vape cloud AND with a rechargeable battery. Might very possibly replace my fav vape brands. Recharge, inhale, and exhale a little happier with these new Pacific Stone vapes, highly recommended. 5/5


Weedmaps, All-in-One Vape